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10 06 2017

Social media is one area of business where you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors, finding the little-known social media secrets and things nobody else is doing. Everyone knows about Facebook, but how many people know the secrets of power Facebook users?

Yoga Post

Discovering these secrets is the reason why a “no-name” yoga teacher got more than 1 million fans and sold $1.5 million in revenue through Facebook. That no-name yoga teacher is Bret Gregory, who has been phenomenally successful in getting people to attend his Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica. His retreats are consistently booked out, yet he spend no money on advertising. And he spent only five minutes a day on Facebook posting photos.

That’s because he’s mastered the concept of the photo-stack. It’s a term that even many social media professionals won’t recognize, but this little-known social media technique has been the key to his success. What Bret discovered was that simply adding new photos to Facebook meant that he was starting at “zero” every time he posted a new photo.

Photo-stack. It’s a term that even many social media professionals won’t recognize

So Bret decided to create a single album, and then keep uploading photos into that one album. When you do this, the likes for the album have a cumulative effect, so they will keep growing and growing. Bret, for example, has 17,548 likes, 3,782 shares, and 393 comments on his photo stack. This functions as “social proof.”

So here’s how to implement the photo-stack in your own business. Take 9 photos at a time so that they will present like a nicely formatted 3x3 box. If these photos happen to be unique and beautiful and artistic, then all the better. Then upload these 9 photos at a time. When Bret does this, he gets 200 to 600 new fans each time!

And one more thing about the photo stack. It’s best to write a description of the photos. Right underneath the photos, Facebook prompts you with the following, “Say something about this photo…” and that’s where you write in the caption.

And it’s possible to extrapolate this concept of the photo-stack even further. Add a “photo of the day” page on your website, and include the same photos as your photo-stack. Include this URL in the description every time you post photos to your photo-stack on Facebook.

Another not-so-obvious tip is to put only one Facebook Like button on your website. You don’t want to be starting over from zero every time you add a new post or new content. You want those Facebook Likes to be accumulating over time, giving you massive social proof. The more Likes, the more social proof. In the case of that “no-name” yoga teacher – it means driving 15,000 fans a month from Facebook to his website, just with the photo of the day stack.

In the case of that “no-name” yoga teacher – it means driving 15,000 fans a month from Facebook to his website

That’s powerful stuff, and a simple but valuable lesson you can apply to your own website. The rules of what works in social constantly changes, but understanding how social networks contribute to social proof is a timeless lesson for everyone.


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