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How to create an audience you can actually relate to

The best way to create an audience for your product is to be relevant and timely in the first place. As Edward Burns, the actor, film producer and director, has said, “I’m always ...
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How Dell Earns $6.5 Million on Twitter

Twitter is more than just a place where people share inconsequential details about their lives. It’s now an indispensable digital platform for reaching potential customers. Dell ...
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Disruptive Models in Marketing Today

Few companies pay attention to the changes sweeping through every aspect of peoples' lives. The ability for technology to develop cognition, is said to be the next big disruption. 
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Using Emotion and Power Words To Sell to a Skeptic

When you’re looking to attract customers, you need to think the way the world’s best copywriters think. In order to write great copy, you need to understand both the psychological ...
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