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Multi-award winning marketer, Justin Theng, is the owner of ALSOF Publishing. His background stems from leadership roles in some of the world’s most celebrated agencies.
10 06 2017

Given the marketing trends of 2016, there is plenty of evidence that the tendency of advertising agencies to be overindulgent has become a problem. Fortunately, innovative newcomers offer viable solutions. Among the fixes is outsourcing.

One of the 2016 Marketing Trends That Point to the Problem

Paradigm shifts have occurred among the consumers. Clients and viewers alike now want clarity, simplicity and transparency instead of mesmerizing yet vague or perhaps even unintelligible spectacles. They also expect quantifiable results instead of lofty promises.

Take for example Esurance’s successful social campaign this year: The American multiline insurance company held an online contest where it gave away USD one million. Participation required retweeting the company’s posts. The winners were notified through FaceTime. The company shared their reactions with its followers.

Clear, simple, transparent and measurable, Esurance’s social media marketing efforts gained itself a lot of positive attention. Indeed, according to Toronto-based social media analytics company Sysomos, it was the most mentioned brand during the super bowl.


A Closer Look at the Problem

There is no room any more for undisciplined advertisers in today’s advertising arena. I used to cringe whenever a client asked for a business solution and our agency returned with yet another funny TV commercial. It was charming, but it didn’t solve the problem.

It is ludicrous to let creative individuals waste time to let them be creative. It’s true that creatives need space to be creative. Unfortunately, it created an industry that applauds wackiness and self-indulgent expressionism (or often internet plagiarism) at the expense of client marketing dollars.


How Outsourcing Is Indeed Effective in Solving the Problem

To address the issue we turned to data-driven inbound marketing methodologies. With outsourced content creation, we found the best of the best to fill the digital marketing funnel with great content.

The wake-up call occurred to me when I realized that most of the best and creative solutions were coming from outside the industry.

In fact, one of my most successful TV commercials for an international, multi-billion dollar fast-food franchise wasn’t very creative at all. We needed to show what happens behind the scenes when you ordered at the drive-through, and state simply that if it’s not ready in three minutes, you get your meal for free. We didn’t employ any hilarious, tangential ideas. We just used a split screen technique and presented the interesting facts with clarity.

It was the best ROI ad despite all the funny, ‘creative’ and ‘idea-driven’ campaigns they [the fast-food franchise] did that year.

Nevertheless, the campaign was a hit. It was the most profitable ad despite all the funny, ‘creative’ and ‘idea-driven’ campaigns they [the fast-food franchise] did that year. Which means, it worked. And I got a nice little fiscal gift from the client at the end of the year.


Last Take-Away

Outsourcing for a data-driven campaign solves the business pain-point of paying ad men to sit in their ivory towers sipping Perrier and playing foosball. More and more clients are availing themselves of the service, so it is likely it will continue to be one of the marketing trends in 2017 and perhaps even become the norm. Agencies can use services like inboundr and brands can talk to us at ALSOF Publishing.

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