Justin Theng
Multi-award winning marketer, Justin Theng, is the owner of ALSOF Publishing. His background stems from leadership roles in some of the world’s most celebrated agencies.
10 07 2017

Few companies pay attention to the changes sweeping through every aspect of peoples' lives. The ability for technology to develop cognition, is said to be the next big disruption. 

In fact, the companies who some would call disruptors, appear as a blip on the horizon and are easily ignored -- until they've trampled you over and left you in their dust that is. No business is safe, and sometimes entire industries suffer, before the anyone even realises what happened. Even the marketing arena -- once famous for disruption -- is at risk of disruption.

It's almost too easy to say anything is disruptor these days, but often, it is what it is.

New business models are overturning the old ways of doing things everyday. Why does that happen? The marketplace is customer-centric and businesses that empower the customer, win. 

What about the marketing industry, which has seen no real disruption for the past 50 years? Arguably, the last big shake up was the Creative Revolution. Often, companies have strong cultural ties to certain systems and ideas that have been bringing in a large amount of capital investments - but that are doomed for redundancy. In that case, there is no real change in the model because any disruption or innovation would alter the company's profit (at least in the short term).

Disruption in Advertising and Marketing - Dinosaurs & elephants

Agencies polish their awards and applaud wacky, indulgent ideas disguised as "emotive marketing." This practise is all a little stomach turning. I've had the good fortune of working at some of the world's most celebrated advertising agencies -- from boutique hotshops to international juggernauts. But I still remember cringing when a client asked for a genuine solution to their problem and the agency would propose yet another charming TV ad. I'm not saying that TV ads aren't great for some problems -- but not every problem.

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The best ideas, globally, aren't coming from advertisers but from outside the industry, championed through the likes of TED talks. We need to think like our customers think, then it will force us to communicate, and serve their needs in a very different way. We have a full remit of technological tools available and a whole new movement of lead generation methodology that we know works -- Not because a Creative Director said so, but because the data does. For more information on turning web 'searchers' into customers, read our free Ebook: The 30 Greatest Lead Generation Tips, Tricks & Ideas.




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